Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guitar Pic earrings

Wow I hope all of you have been having better weather then us here on central Vancouver Island. Feels like summer hasn't even started! 
 I thought of this idea a few years ago, and have now started putting more time into them. Guitar Pic earrings!  I do have a paypal account, and for all of you far and away I can ship!
Hope your enjoying your summer~

{Photos Tarino Bambino}



  1. Gorgeous earrings! I'm making myself some at the moment, if I ever finish them. The weather is pants here too.

    Thank you for you lovely comment!

    Lou xxx

  2. You my friend are so these. So pretty. Our summer weather has been wet and rainy too...Hugs.x

  3. Oh, I love these. They're so cute. It has been so HOT here :)


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