Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pregnancy Tips

These are all the things I couldn't live without throughout my pregnancy.
Natural prenatal vitamins are a must for me,  they are actually made from real food.
Coconut oil is my new best friend. Not just for my growing belly but I've got crazy pregnancy hormones and my face is really braking out :( I started using it on my face yesterday and I can already see it's healing difference! 
I will be moving into my second trimester in a few weeks and my jeans are all already too small! 
I know they say you "pop" earlier with your second child but I'm not jean prepared yet! These LuLumeon's  have saved me!
And last but definitely not least my VitaMix! This is the best thing in the world, I can make milk smoothies in the morning, green smoothies in the afternoon, and whip up a soup in just a few minuets.
So quick and easy to get nutrients and food down when your feeling tired and sick.

Have a Great and safe Halloween night tonight!

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