Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY Dress

I've had this piece of fabric sitting around the house for a year now, which I was going to make a shirt with. Today I took it out to start sewing ( I have never sewed clothing in my life) and just draped it on. Well the fabric is so nice that it would have been a shame to ruin, so I made my own dress without any sewing required!  How great is that :) 

 I will try to attempt to explain how I did this.
1. I have about 2.5 meters of fabric.

2. Tie 2 top ends together

3. Step into the fabric and hold the knot out in front of your bussom's. 

4. With your left hand pull the fabric from the left tight under your bussom's  and around your ribcage to the right.

5.  Pull the fabric in your right hand over top of the fabric you just draped around yourself.

6. Carefully slip your left arm and head through the tied loop.

7. Place the fabric under your bussom's 

8. Pull the fabric on your right shoulder over your bussom's and adjust how ever you like.

9. I gathered the material by my collarbone and tied piece of string around it for the gathered affect. ( I showed in in the pictures) but I did this after I put the dress on. 
It takes a while to master how to put it on but I found there are many ways to wear it.
I hope these instructions help you!!!



  1. Wow...what a wonderful job you did. You truly amaze me...if I tried to do that it would look like fabric wrapped around me. Yours looks like the perfect dress. Thanks for the inspiration today ! xo

  2. Hot,hot,hot!!!I am so happy you used the fabric, it looks beautiful and the colors are just perfect with your skin and hair color.

  3. Wow that's amazing ,perfect summer dress without sewing.

  4. Hey ta, how much stretch did the fabric have that you used?


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