Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Golf Cake!

Sorry about the lack of blogging, it's been a busy last week. It was my fiancees birthday and we went on a couple trips around the islands to visit family. 
I saw this really cute cake on Haylee Atkinson blog and made it for Ryan on his birthday since he's obsessed with golf!  It turned out nicely and he loved it. 

{all photos tarino bambino}


  1. I love it too, great job!!xo

  2. What a GREAT cake. This would have been perfect for my hubby's 30th birthday as we had a golf theme. Maybe I'll make it for his next b-day!

  3. I love this.....perfect for my husband who is a golfing nut! xoxoxo Hugs

  4. Thanks ladies,
    I'm happy to hear i'm not the only one with a man who's all about golf! drives me crazy sometimes because it's all he wants to do!!


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