Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Shabby makeover

Yay, so I've finally gotten my room to a likeable state! The design is definitely eclectic, modern with shabby chic.  I realize that this taste isn't for everyone but at this point of my life I'm loving it! I need a room that inspires me to be creative, and that I love spending time in, and this is it! 
You've got to keep in mind that I've spent maybe $100 on this room. It is mostly done with things i've  thrown together from around the house, and things I got at second hand stores, craigslist, or winners.  I might try to paint the table white, but I need to wait till we have a few day's of guaranteed Sun. I think it doesn't look half bad for BUDGET decorating! 
I will show the other side of the room tomorrow because there are just too many pictures! 

{all photos Tarino Bambino}

P.S. My mother made me that rock by crocheting around it, Isn't it beautiful!!


  1. I love it! That "coffee" tin is so adorable and I think the table painted White would be lovely. Awesome job on the room :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love the rock. It adds a beautiful and unique touch and how sentimental to know your mom made it!

    You did a great job!


  3. the wall of plates is my favorite, great job.

  4. Thanks everyone!!! I'm happy you like the plates! they are my fav. part too:)

  5. Ohhh I love all those plates :)


  6. what an adorable shabby room!! Those plates on the wall are adorable and I love the colors that you included! Perfect

  7. what a cozy place you have made yourself Tereza! I love the details and colors you use, it is definately my style.
    I am curious whether the hexagon pattern will work out for you! If you like to start small, I also have a little heart tutorial on my 'how to...' page.
    Have a lovely weekend!


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