Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shabby makeover part2

Hi there! So this is my desk area, where I sit every morning and blog!
I needed a place to put my printer (instead of in the chair) so for the time being i'm using this really ugly white shelf. Lucky I have some cute fabric and I've covered the top with it. Not the most appealing piece in the room, but it has it's functions.  I do also have a white shelf holding more of my vintage saucers and random things, but it isn't fully painted yet so you will have to wait.

Thanks for all the sweet comment's from yesterday! I'm going to paint the small desk soon, but I'm worried about the top scratching because I use it as my work area. Does anyone know how to finish the top so all the paint doesn't scratch off? 

A couple more new girls..

{all photos Tarino Bambino}


  1. Agghh I want your cake stand!! (and all the amazing cups and saucers!)Looks so good Ta - the colours are beautiful! x

  2. Thanks Lynz! my mom found that cake stand for me, totally me colours :)


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