Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anthro Love

Oh how I love Anthropologie! Wish we had one that carried clothing here in B.C. but I think the one in Vancouver only has Decor, darn!!



  1. Oh I love Anthropologie! A couple years ago for Christmas I got that duvet design and pillow shams in grey. They are still in great condition and look beautiful! ...But those sheets, wish I had a set to complete the look! :)

  2. My very favorite family always gives me gift cards for every occasion, but still it's a dangerous place when you are watching hoe much you spend!. Maybe you are better off not having it close to you...

  3. Omg I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie! Even just going into the store to browse is fun because they have such a gorgeous interior and great items to look at. I love the stuff they have for the home the most!

    xoxo, Ally

  4. it really is a delight! my mother's day gift was a dress from there, and it had a make-up spot on it so we got an incredible deal, that always helps;)

  5. The Vancouver store has tons of clothes! In fact, every time I've been there they've had at least twice as much space dedicated to clothing as opposed to decor... You should definitely check it out, so many cute things :)

    1. yay!!! that makes me so excited, thanks for letting me know!

  6. These are wonderful! Have a gorgeous week, Kellie xx

  7. Oh Anthro, you amaze me everytime. Thanks for sharing these beauties. sigh :)


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