Thursday, May 31, 2012

Table Refinish

So i've finally managed to take of shot of my refinished table. 
It was originally in my office, you can find some more pictures here.
It turned out so pretty that I decided to use it in our living room instead. 
I'm still not quite finished with the final design of this area, I would like my husband to build a rustic box to place under the table, so I can have some nice blankets and such instead of the little trunk.
I would also love to get rid of that black VCR, but since the little guy has so many videos I need it around. I would love to find a cool way to hide it, any suggestions anyone? 


  1. Would it fit in the drawer? Your husband can drill a hole in the back for the cords...

    1. great idea! the drawer looks bit, but it's about 3'' deep so it wont work :(


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