Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Fields

Yesterday it was just nice enough in the morning to go pick strawberries!
We've eaten a ton, but now i'd like to figure out something yummy I could make with them....
Any suggestions?


  1. Fruit leather?

  2. how exotic - picking fruit yourself :)
    Well, here in the netherlands people eat strawberry sandwiches. Cut up strawberries on toast with a sprinkle of sugar for breakfast. But fruit leather sounds very interesting!

  3. Monika's idea sounds great! My favorite thing to do with berries is make smoothies, and muffins or scones!

  4. So beautiful! Loving your gorgeous strawberry photos! I love to spread a little almond butter on toast and then sprinkle some berries on top :)

    xo Mary Jo

    1. mmm that sounds lovely, I must try it!

  5. strawberry picking is so much fun :) my favorite fruit! there's usually a big strawberry festival here in Florida but i missed this year and i seriously cannot wait until next spring now!


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