Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whaling Station Bay

We went on a little adventure this weekend, and we've found the beach we are going to get married on! Now the only problem is the tide! Of course we've decided to get married at 2 and that's when high tide is...  ohh well I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that there will be enough beach for us to stand on! 

          {all photos by tarino bambino}


  1. Aww that was cute with the footprints! Traci

  2. How lovely!!!! You my friend are going to have an amazing wedding...what could get better than this? High tide or low tide...love doesn't care! xoxoxoxo happy day.

  3. I am sure you will find a nice spot on the beach for your wedding ,and the foot prints in sand are so cute.Why at 2 is there any particular reason for that time?Liz

  4. I love the foot prints hehe :) I wanted to get our doggies in there too. We chose 2 because we are having dinner at 5:30 and need enough time for the ceremony and photos after. We also wanted afternoon and not the morning which would have been a better tide. Oh well it is what it is :)
    Thanks for the sweet comments*

  5. Ok your little boy is an absolute DOLL. I'm serious, I love his long brown hair.
    What a perfect place for a wedding! It's going to make such a lovely backdrop.


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