Friday, March 4, 2011


Yay I'm happy to tell you that a local boutique is carrying my dolls! I've also started making bibs, which I can design for boys and girls. Here's a peek at my first one.
Have a good weekend everyone!

{all images by tarino bambino}


  1. Tereza you are clever girl i hope you dolls and bibs will sell i especially like the idea of the bibs .Liz

  2. Congratulations Tereza! That is awesome!
    The dolls are so sweet and I love those bibs!!
    You are very creative!!

    Have a great weekend with your boy!

    Pamela ox

  3. Oh I adore your sweet dolls!!! Congratulations.

    Thank you for visiting me the other day...I get my cupcake liners from Micheals.

    xoxoxoxo have a great weekend

  4. Thank you!! I'm very happy to be able to create something someone else might like :)

  5. So talented - I love them! Also I gave you an award!! ; ) Have a look (easier than explaining it!!)

  6. I love to see you so creative. You rock! xoxo


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