Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yay Thursday. Today Mak and I have a play date with our friends. We all have children pretty close in age, and we get together once a week for fun times!  
Thank you Lyndsey from vanilla clouds and lemon drops for the "one lovely blog" award! I will be passing it on soon, I just need to squeeze some more blogging time into my days!
I am also excited to tell you that I am the featured product at firefly new beginnings !

{all photos tarino bambino}


  1. Hi there, I am putting together a post that I will publish probably tomorrow, and I would like to include your dolls.Sorry for the late notice (usually I request permission), I hope you don't mind. Let me know if there is a problem and I will remove them. I can't find a contact email for you? Brenda

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I sent you a message on your email. I would love that! I also added my contact info in my profile. I didn't even realize it wasn't there so thanks for that!
    Have a great day


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