Sunday, November 14, 2010

Makeef's Nursery

I got a projector from a friend and projected the lower image onto the wall and painted the trees with the birds. It gives the room such character, when my son nurses at night he always looks at the trees. There's 2 owls hanging in the branches on the night stand. I got them at the Coombs Market here on Vancouver Island. They are hand made out of wood pieces and such things, soo cute!
It's hard to tell from this picture, but I took the toys off the mobile and sewed my own. To add to the forest creature theme I made an owl, fox, and a tree. I also attached little painted wood bird houses. It's still above the crib now, he still loves watching them ( even though he can reach them now and has torn the tree off)
The owl that's sitting on the chair in the top photo is also something I made. Everything is made front felt and I stuffed them with plastic bags. Haha good way to recycle I guess.



  1. Milá Terezko, přeji hodně radosti z blogování a těším se na další příspěvky.
    Moc zdravím Helena
    PS: ta fotka v dýňovém poli je super!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Your son's room is absolutely magical. I love the neutral forest theme and the colors you used. You did a wonderful job!


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