Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sock monkey's

Now that it's sock weather here's a fun craft  to do with Socks!!! 
While I was pregnant I made a sock monkey for my baby, and after my son was born, I added the turquoise tie for fun. Sock monkeys are so easy and fun to make! I'd like to start making more so he has a collection as he get's older.
Below is the link to the instructions I used. 
Basically you can use any   pattern or color sock, just let your imagination run wild!!! One thing I thought would be really cool is to add a coat hanger into the tail so you can bend it and hang the monkey from objects. Also make note that I sowed the ears on wrong, they need to be more circular and on the side of it's head, no big deal though I still think he's cute!


Thank you for your comments, I Love reading them!!