Friday, February 18, 2011

Mak's Birthday shoot

We received a photo shoot as a Baby shower gift last spring from some really sweet friends. We just recently did it for Mak's first Birthday. We shot at a local park that is on the oceanfront, luckily the weather cooperated with us and it was a beautiful day.  I'm going to show the pictures in 2 different posts because there are so many of them. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see more! 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!!
    xoxo alex

  2. love the photos ta!!! so glad you guys did it for his first bday!!! love aileen

  3. Awesome photos! I love the one of you tossing him in the air, he has such a great smile!

    Love, Ginny xoxo

  4. Thanks girls, I'm so happy with them, she did such a great job :)

  5. Hi Tereza!!

    I have been meaning to come visit here! It is so wonderful to meet another islander! I am new here only been one year!
    I love these photos of you and your family. Just beautiful!! Darling little little boy is now 11 how time flies!!

    Pamela ox

  6. You have some beautiful photos , Makeef has such a beautiful smile Liz.


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